Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Cafe Le Caire

I'm a fan of ancient architectural structures which makes Arab St all the more appealing! In fact, spent my birthday last yr with two different groups of people there. I've always had a thing for middle eastern food. One of the restaurants I've visited more than once would be Cafe Le Caire.  The fine-dining area which is located in the second floor has a typical homely yet romantic feel to it. As for the seesha corner, it gives off a cosy ambience with cracks on the wall and modest decorations with cushions, carpets and paintings. During my second visit there, we decided to choose the seesha corner for a change since we had already tried the dining place the other time. The room was dim lighted with soft middle eastern tune playing.

We ordered Foul with Harissa & Hummus as appetizers. Foul is fava beans and Harissa is made up of garlic paste, coriander, serrano peppers and red chilli powder. I can't take anything related to spicy and Harissa might leave your throat with a bit of hotness but its definitely nowhere near the word 'spicy'. Lastly, Hummus is chicken pea dip. These three different paste goes well with Naan.

Next up, main dishes!

1/2 Roast Spring Chicken
This dish can be shared by two people. The chicken was indeed freshly roasted, tender and juicy!
The combination of rice, chicken and sauce was perfect.

Shish Tawouké
This is my younger sister's dish. According to her, the chicken wasn't really that good as it wasn't her favorite part. Besides that, it was a pretty normal meal with rice.

Chicken Muhamaz
This is my dish! I think that my sister's dish's and my dish's chicken were not well cooked. Mine was hard and difficult to bite. 

Now for the side dish,

Feta Cheese Omelette
Omelette stuffed with feta cheese. Out of all the dishes I've ordered at this place, I love this! It was so good that I can't even describe it. I love how it fills my mouth with cheese yet a little of the egg taste!

Vedict: The ambience is good. This restaurant serves decent food, however, its a little expensive. I think it gets pretty annoying when its really crowded as the waiters run up and down since it two floors high. Personally, its a place that shouldn't be visited very often because you will get bored of it. 6.5/10

 42 Arab Street

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Awfully Chocolate

After a not so good meal, we wanted to find comfort in dessert. My friends were sweet enough to call up Awfully Chocolate to ask whether they add liquor in any of their ice cream before we made our way there. Honestly, I like the lepak/chill out environment there. It is a good place to wind down, crap and laugh. Since we were running out of time, the only dessert we ordered were two premium dark chocolate ice cream.

Verdict: I felt like it needed to be a little appealing. It was given in a white box labelled 'hei' which means black in Chinese. Besides the poor presentation, the ice cream was awfully tasty. It was smooth and had a very strong chocolate taste. It wasn't artificial in the sense that there are certain ice creams in which they tend to add more milk than the flavour resulting in losing the essence of the flavour. This, on the other hand, didn't seem artificial at all. In fact, it felt like the flavour was a little too overpowering that it starts clogging your throat after a few scoops. In short, its perfect for chocolate lovers! 8/10

131 East Coast Road
Singapore 428816


Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Pizza Capers

Coincidentally, my second post is also going to be about pizzas.
It'd been long since I went out with a group friends, so we decided to head down to Katong as suggested by my friend. I must agree with her that Katong is a food paradise. As you walk down the entire stretch of Katong, all you see is food. We settled for the first food place that is halal (accommodating me)

I should say that the ambience wasn't too bad for a get together session. Pizza Capers had an appealing menu of variety of pizzas that is not provided by the common pizza outlets in Singapore. It has Margherita, Troppo, Bonanza and for vegetarians, The Vegetarian etc. They provide drinks in 1.5L (e.g that 1.5L of coke we get from convenient stores). I don't usually have carbonated drinks but then again we had to settle for a drink that everyone would drink and the choice of drinks was limited.

Now for the judgement, I would say it wasn't as good as I expected it to be. I think that they should work on their dough. It was flat and if they were going for a naan like pizza taste they should have made it doughy. It was too dry and hard. Besides the bad point, I think the topping was good. We ordered Salmon Affairs and Chicken Satay. The taste of the satay pizza was so strong(even though I think satays and pizzas just don't go together). Anyone could just tell that its satay at the first mouth. I preferred the salmon one. It was something different, fish and mayonnise always make a good combo! Overall, 5.5/10

226 East Coast Road 428923

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Pizza Hut

We have all tasted a range of pizzas at different companies such as Sarpinos, Canadian etc. According to me, when we are talking about pizzas, no company beats Pizza Hut. I just felt like I needed to blog about this even though it is a common food that you order when you have parties or dinners. I have always loved the succulent feeling I get; it has a crispy look but fluffy and soft on the inside. It always been the cheesiest pizza I have tried. Now that its celebrating its 30 years, 30% more cheese has been added which makes it cheesier than ever!

Soup of the day: Cream of Chicken 
Since I'm allergic to chicken, I couldn't try it. As how my younger sister puts it,
its creamy and has a rich chicken taste.

Hut's Platter consist of sweet and spicy drumlets, criss cross fries, calamari rings and scallop rolls.
Out of the variety, I liked scallop rolls maybe because for a first time, it tasted good! As for the calamari rings, it was soft but it was a little oily. Swensen's has better calamari rings!

Meet Meat Galore! The meaty, juicy and cheesy combo made it irresistible.
I ate about 5 slices of it! I'm still craving for it :>
Since the other one was beefy, my sisters decided get Super Supreme which had ground beef, sausages,  pepperoni, chicken ham, capsicums, onions, olives, mushrooms and pineapple chunks. Comparing both, my sisters concluded that Meat Galore was better.